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State officials: Too early to worry about capital gains

Aug 26 2015

By Andy Metzger, State House News Service / The Lowell Sun

Facing a midyear budget deficit, lawmakers and Gov. Charlie Baker in February rerouted those excess capital-gains revenues into the general fund. Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation President Eileen McAnneny said fiscal 2015 capital-gains tax revenues have come in at about $1.6 billion, exceeding the amount anticipated from the February change.

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Local economists back Patrick’s tax hike plan

Mar 11 2013

By Andrea Estes, The Boston Globe

Widmer expressed concerns that parts of the governor’s tax plan may hurt those it seeks to help. “Many of these 44 personal income tax exemptions . . . are beneficial to lower-income and middle-income people,” he said. “You’re investing in higher education appropriately, but on the other hand the state would now tax scholarships. It gives with one hand and takes away with the other.”
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Editorial: Breaking the cycle

Jul 19 2010

The Boston Herald

"We just got whacked," said Michael Widmer, president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, one of several watchdog groups that have been lobbying for this kind of change. "When you look at long-term state finances this is a major reform."
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