November 16, 2023

Massachusetts Workforce Investments: Sector-Based Programs

The following brief provides an analysis of state workforce investments in the FY 2019 to FY 2023 budgets focusing on sector-based training programs. As MTF noted in our earlier introductory brief, these programs prioritize creating talent pipelines to critical job sectors by providing financial assistance for training and streamlined credentialing courses. The brief provides an overview of sector-based programs and highlights the five largest programs that represent two-thirds of all funding within this category in FY 2023.

The approach of these sector-based workforce programs ranges from providing after-hours career technical training to providing high school students with education and job training tailored to in-demand sector workforce needs. Our analysis of each major program includes an overview of its purpose, the level of expenditure over the past five years, and what data are available for policymakers and the public to determine the program’s performance.

Finally, the brief highlights several themes particularly true of sector workforce investments that emerge when considering these programs individually and as part of the workforce system as a whole. These themes include the broader distribution of funds compared to individual workforce programs, the impact of increased funding on participation, and the connection of regional workforce needs that have important policy implications for legislators and the administration.